Why Women Are Better Investors Than Men

Many research studies exist about investor behavior. Although we like to believe that we are logical beings, we are primarily driven by our emotions. That hurts us when making investment decisions.

However, the research studies that intrigued me most were the ones that found women to be better behaved than men when it comes to investing. I wanted to dig into exactly what that means.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore all of the men in my life! My dearest Dad, two teenage stepsons, nephews, friends and colleagues. But I love that we as women are wired to be better investors than our male counterparts.

In this podcast episode, I walk through 5 of the reasons why we are better investors that I discovered in the research. Understanding the reasons and being aware of them can help you keep your emotions in check with your investment portfolio through the ups and downs.

Here are 5 Behaviors that make women better investors than men:

  1. Women are more risk averse
  2. Women are not overconfident investors
  3. Women have a “hang in there mentality”
  4. Women are better savers than men
  5. Women plan with purpose

On the podcast I go into each of these in more detail. I also talk about two issues that can potentially hurt us as investors that are related to the above.

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