I’ve made multiple job or career changes over the course of my 25 working years. Although I majored in Economics in college fully expecting to enter the business world, I started out as a high school business teach and girls basketball coach in my hometown of Plano, Texas!

Two years of being on a bell schedule, teaching to a rigid curriculum, and eating school lunches were enough to drive me away! I did enjoy teaching and coaching the kids, but I longed to enter the adult world of work.

In 1995 I was hired as a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor and was one of very few women in the office, and in the industry for that matter. (Still, women only make up about 20% of all financial advisors)

Since then I’ve continued on the path of being a financial advisor but have moved from the large, stodgy and traditional brokerage corporate environment to the independent, boutique Registered Investment Advisor space. (Learn more about the differences in financial advisors and how to choose the right one for you)

In this episode, I talk about my personal journey from state government employment to corporate America and ultimately entrepreneurship. I share my insights on the reasons you might consider making a career or job change as well as tips for how to make it happen for you!

Oh, and I also created a free tip sheet for you that you can download here:

12 Smart Tips for Making a Midlife Career Change

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